Production and business activities can have varying degrees of impact on socio-economic, technological, and environmental aspects. Based on an appropriate balance of interests, it should assume social responsibility and make every effort to contribute to the well-being of global society and the long-term development of humanity. In order to clarify the principles and direction of our social responsibility, the social responsibility guidelines are as follows:
Quality Criteria
Work quality is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. To implement quality standards, our employees must maintain the following work quality every day: 1.The quality of each process, component, document, and word must be guaranteed to satisfy both the next process and the customer. 2.Actively participate in the continuous improvement of our product performance and production processes 3.Never avoid mistakes, correct them in a timely manner, and actively take effective measures to avoid reoccurrence of errors 4.Put forward any suggestions and criticisms that are beneficial to quality improvement without reservation, and urge and track relevant departments to adopt them in a timely manner, until the improvement is completed 5.Work in a standardized and orderly manner, and always maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the post
Environmental Guidelines
Reducing pollution and improving the environment are both environmental norms and social responsibilities! 1.We minimize waste emissions 2.We properly handle production waste, wastewater, and exhaust gas according to law 3.We require suppliers to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, use recyclable, green, energy-saving, and harmless materials as much as possible, and minimize noise pollution and extend the service life of products