How much do you know about braking systems?

2020-08-01 07:00

The brake is also called the brake, as the name implies, played the role of holding power. As an active safety system, the brake plays an important role in driving.

What are the steps from pressing the brake handle to braking?

Brake systems are divided into two types, disc brakes and hub brakes.

Disc brake: when braking, the pressure generated by the upper pump drives the brake oil in the brake oil pipe, and the brake oil then pushes out the piston in the brake pump, that is, we commonly known as the brake caliper, and the piston squeeges the brake pad to produce braking force by friction between the brake pad and the brake disc.

Hub brake: the brake cable controls the brake shoe in the hub. After the brake shoe opens, it contacts with the hub disc in the hub to generate braking force.

Both disc brake and hub brake have their advantages and disadvantages. Disc brake has good braking effect but large loss, replacement and maintenance are more complex. Drum brake wear less, replacement and maintenance is relatively simple, but the braking effect is not as good as the disc brake.

The quality of the brake performance also directly affects the safety of the vehicle, in a long time driving or intense driving when the temperature of the brake pad rises, the temperature exceeds the maximum temperature limit, the braking effect will be worse and worse, the braking force will be weakened, that is, there will be what we often say thermal attenuation.

Take the GW250 for example, the GW250 body weight reached 183 kg, and the GW250 in the front brake configuration is one-way double piston caliper and 290mm round brake disc, such a set of brake assembly for this level of car weight is really a bit laborious.

How to refit the brake system correctly?

The correct brake modification, first need to replace a suitable upper pump, to drive the whole brake system, and then use steel to connect the pump and caliper, the modified steel pipe (brake oil pipe) has better anti-expansion, with high quality brake oil, so that it can reduce the attenuation of the brake at high temperature.

Then is the two-way multi-piston caliper, with large diameter porous floating disc, not only to the heat dissipation of the brake disc to help, while the floating disc also plays a great role in the stability of braking, finally can not forget to replace the high-performance brake pads, good brake pads can better face the brake load and speed up the heat dissipation.