eBoost acceleration and reverse assist mode

2023-04-17 16:52

As the first Japanese automaker to launch a large-displacement hybrid electric vehicle, Kawasaki has recently been unearthed by the Japanese media for the new instrument interface design patent of HEV and EV models. From the figure, we can see the previously rumored eBoost acceleration mode, as well as the low-speed forward and backward auxiliary design, which makes people increasingly expect the appearance of Kawasaki HEV/EV models. Kawasaki had registered a patent for eBoost back in 2020, describing how the system would work; The Kawasaki exposure on the instrument also revealed quite a lot of information, the first is EV pure electric models, from the instrument can be seen on the left and right respectively, there are two battery power display, the central top is similar to the tachometer eBoost acceleration bar, eBoost suspected to have an independent battery module, means that in the case of low power, can also maintain a certain power output.

In addition, on HEV hybrid models, the right side of the instrument is changed to display the amount of remaining fuel, and the rest of the layout is similar to EV pure electricity; In addition, Kawasaki this time also added a low speed forward, backward assisted WALK MODE, for the smaller knight is a very convenient design; In addition, with the previously exposed HEV/EV model grip switch, future HEV models can lock in the use of hybrid HEV or EV pure electricity in addition to SPORT and EVO riding modes, and can also switch automatic and manual gearshift.

According to the current Kawasaki exposure of various patents and real car display, it is expected to see the official release of HEV and EV models in 2023. Japanese media also predict that EV pure electric models should be 125c.c., while HEV hybrid may fall to 400c.c., but with the assistance of hybrid power, Will provide more than the same class distance acceleration performance, after all, how the Kawasaki HEV/EV dual performance, the author is quite looking forward to!